About Us

At Buttery, we bake cakes, cookies, scones and many more! Buttery is our way to express passions for cooking, baking, and creativity. We started baking from our small kitchen in Bandar Sri Damansara, and now we are a small team baking in a bigger space in TTDI. We believe in savouring the little beauties in the everyday, finding joy and eating good food! 

 We loved to bake and experiment with new recipes, always looking for ways to improve our bakes and create delicious treats. Come visit us at our cafe to sample some of our creations on our daily counter🌻

  •   All of our butter cakes and buttercream are made with pure butter and we always prefer bakes that are not too sweet. One of our bestsellers is the Earl Grey Lemon Cake, soft layers infused with Earl Grey Tea, topped with sour lemon curd and our slightly salty buttercream to balance out the flavour, we highly recommend this so try it if u like! So many chocolate cake people love our Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake too. Try this if you like spongy chocolate layers, topped with our housemade salted caramel, and cookie crumbs, covered with dark chocolate buttercream

  • Other favourites include Sea Salt Brownies, four variations of cookies (Chocolate chip, Double Chocolate Cookies, Oat & Raisin, and Praline) and four kinds of scones (Raisin, Cheese & Chives, Apple and Berries). Classics like Marble Loaf, Lemon Loaf and Brown Butter Loaf are always available. Pineapple Jammers are available during Chinese New Year and Raya Cookies are available from Ramadhan to Raya month, check us out on our Instagram for any updates!

    We are happy to deliver our bake to your:

    • Birthday Celebration
    • Anniversary Celebration
    • Office Celebration

Every little celebration in life deserves a cake! From daily deliveries to your most special celebrations, we are here to add some fun to your life. Contact us for birthday cakes, celebrations, events, corporate gifting, cafe supplying, weddings and so much more. Let's embrace the fun together. Send someone you love some cakes, yourself included ✿