• We offer free delivery for orders above RM70. Our delivery partners will handle the delivery after we prepare your order. Once the driver picks up the order, we will provide you with tracking links to monitor its progress.

  • The cake is chilled prior delivery to ensure the safety of the cake during transit. We recommend leaving the cake at room temperature for at least 2 hours before consuming it to allow it to reach its optimal taste and texture. Cakes taste better and are fluffier when served at room temperature.

Check out our daily slices on the counter at our shop in KL!

For days you just feel like staying in, we are on Beep and GrabFood🚚

If you are a cafe or a restaurant owner and are looking for cakes to add in your menu, let us know your needs and we are happy to share our catalogue!

For fun ideas, corporate gifting, weddings and collaborations

We also host small events or tea parties.

Tea Set is priced at RM60/2 pax. Our space can fit 20 people comfortably, we can also rearrange some tables for any additional pax so just let us know, we are happy to chat more!

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